Mel - Founder of All Star Pet Minding

From a young age, Mel has been a lover of animals and spent a significant amount of time interacting with animals, whether it was assisting her mum in rehabilitating joey's they had rescued or sneaking strays into the house so her mum wouldn't discover them. Since starting All Star Pet Minding, Mel has a new found passion in sharing her love for animals with all of her clients and could think of nothing better than to see the happy faces of the animals every day. She loves being able to be there for her clients and reduce their stress along with helping their situation improve.


Team All Star

Peta – All Star Pet Extraordinaire

A lifetime adorer of animals, Peta came to be involved with All Star Pet Minding after Mel realized she needed another person to share her ever expanding client base with. Peta’s life has been changed since adopting her own dog, Digby, as she now feels like she has met her calling caring for animals because they bring her such joy. Peta has experience in caring for diabetic pets and delivering insulin injections to them along with food intake management. She currently cares for a cat who needs daily injections along with her late dog. Like Mel, Peta is nurturing at heart and is always bringing home strays to care for and re-home, which is why we believe she is the perfect addition to the All Star Team!





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