Why choose All Star Pet Minding to care for your Furbabies during the heatwave?

Melissa Hanning - Friday, January 06, 2017

Worried about your precious furbaby during our Aussie heatwaves?

All Star Pet Minding helps beat the heat!

Hearing about pets being neglected at any time, breaks my heart, especially during our blistering hot Aussie summers.


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With temps reaching well over the 35 degrees mark it is not only essential to have your furbabies in the cool, but it is vital to their health. This is one element that we at All Star Pet Minding are passionate about; keeping your furbaby as comfortable and chillaxed as possible.

How do your pets keep cool?

The way I view it is this…if I’m stinking hot and struggling then your furbaby is too. That’s why we have air conditioning for your pets. Spaces are created for your dog or cat that ensures they are cool. Plus we also have lovely cooling mats. Now who wouldn’t want a cool backside.

Happy pet = happy owner

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And because we understand that it’s such a huge decision as to who is going to care for your pet we also are snap happy. Snap happy you say! Yes, what we mean is that we stay in touch with you, sending regular photo’s, assuring you that you’ve made the right choice.

What’s a typical day like at All Star Pet Minding?

Well, we love taking photos and video’s capturing candid and hilarious moments of our furry guests. This guarantees that at All Star Pet Minding you won’t miss anything because we photograph your pet daily. Plus we also add more exciting content to our closed Facebook group page https://www.facebook.com/groups/allstarpetparents/. Please join our extended family if you are a current client!

Our belief is that if you can see your furbaby then you still feel as though they are close by. Truth is, all our staff are avid animal lovers and your pet is our priority just as you make them your priority.

What else does All Star Pet Minding offer?

How about a personalised note and photo made with love just for you, provided through our Pet Executive tab http://www.allstarpetminding.com.au/client-portal.html  

Another great service we proudly offer as part of your pets stay are LIVE videos. Yes you read right! For anxious pet owners or those madly in love with their angels, you can see your pet in real time through the video option. What a beautiful way to talk directly to them. Maybe they’ll even talk back Woof! Meow!

And SO EXCITING we have just started our own All Star Youtube channel to make your pets a star and so you can see what your pets are up to over and over again! 

Check us out and don't forget to subscribe and give us a thumbs up at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClCigcb6R8SK0cjDsC4b2jQ

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Wait, All Star Pet Minding still has MORE to offer you!

All Star Pet Minding is fully insured for your peace of mind. Our insurance covers YOU and YOUR PETS. You might be thinking why are we mentioning this? Well there are cases where other pet care providers don’t have insurance. To me that’s a joke and I think they don’t take their responsibility seriously. That’s why All Star Pet Minding has insurance, because we truly adore our job, our clients and most of all we love your furbaby. To me, insurance is a no brainer. It’s about mutual respect and integrity and that’s why you need to tell your friends and family about All Star Pet Minding.

Our motto is – “All Star Pet Minding cares for your babies like they are our own.”

Love and furry cuddles,

Aunty Mel




To book your pet in for their own holiday ring Mel on 0410552430 or send an enquiry through to www.allstarpetminding.com.au Don't forget to set up your new client log in!

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AllStar's New Look!

Melissa Hanning - Thursday, December 29, 2016

All Star Pet Minding has gone through a bit of a change over the past few months, from overhauling the website through to implementing a pet minding management system. There were a few reasons for this change, the first being that we wanted to have a secure area where you, our All Stars, could log in and manage your pet details along with see any updates available for your pet while in our care. The second was that we could manage our bookings more efficiently and offer up any spare spaces that we may have at a discounted rate. We are hoping that our new website and system will make bookings easier for our All Stars, along with streamlining many processes. 

So far, our website is up and running, rocking a nice, decluttered, smooth look. We have really focused on making the website a celebration of the photos we have collected over the years. They're all so wonderful and bring back amazing memories. 

What the future holds... Online booking along with secure online payments, grooming(!), online forms, online log in for all clients, and a more relaxed Mel! Plus, we have a great (and growing) list of blog topics that will keep us entertained writing them and you entertained reading them. So watch this space!

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